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Carpet Cleaning MelbourneCarpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets and rugs are made of fabric with unique designs that serve a decorative and practical purpose. Decorative as the surface can showcase unique designs that display culture, and practical in that it offers a slip-resistant surface that covers a hard tile or wooden floor that offers a place where children and adults can sit and relax.

This does present a challenge as the carpet is going to get dirty; be it muddy boots, or through natural wear and tear. Cleaning it can be a herculean task as the fact that it is made out of cloth makes gives it a massive surface area. It’s a health risk; as it can hide fleas, ticks, and mites for long enough for them to hitch a ride on an animal or person and cause serious illness.

All in all, a dirty carpet sucks, what sucks more, however is a vacuum cleaner and for general cleanliness using it on the carpet can keep it in tip-top shape and free of most small organisms.

Another way to get rid of them and well as foul odors, is with powder. The application is simple; put the powder on the carpet surface and let it sit. Thirty minutes is acceptable but for full effect let it settle overnight or longer. Clean it up using a vacuum cleaner to draw the thing out from the carpet. Most powders act as neutralizers to both small pests as well as foul odors.

Did you know that they have shampoo for carpets as well? They do. So, read the instructions on the box and mix a solution of the carpet shampoo plus water and then apply all this to the surface of the carpet until there’s no square inch of the thing left uncovered. Just make sure the carpet itself isn’t too wet as its’ weight will bloat rather immensely and will weigh like a ton of bricks making transportation of the stuff an uphill battle If there are dark spots with persistent dirt and other material present, convince it to leave with a scrub and rigorous back and forth motions (Which is to say, scrub it!) Afterwards it becomes a waiting game of anywhere from a few minutes or hours until the carpet is dry, and with their purpose complete whisk the shampoo away to shampoo Valhalla with a vacuum cleaner.

For more cost effective solutions for a few common problems, soda water and tonic water work marvels for coffee stains; as the solution forcefully disconnects the foreign material from the surface on a torrent of bubbles like the foam of a whitewater rapid. And of course there’s the ever-reliable baking soda and water solution which is effective at removing odors simply because the chemical reaction made when a benign powder and the universal solvent meet makes a storm of odor absorbing/removing might that does away with such trifles quickly.

If all else fails, take the carpet to a specialist with the materials – both in terms of hardware and cleaning agents – to clean it up the hard way. This option is time consuming and may be costly, but as long as the right materials are applied and the specifications for cleaning it are met, your carpet should be clean as clean can be.