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Clean cleaning or green cleaning is now an inevitability as we move forward. Although our many dwelling places for either work, play, or rest may lay there spotless, little do we know that the materials we use to clean our places can cause a significant amount of harm to the environment we live in.

We can start small and we should start small with the way we treat water in our everyday lives. Water is a precious resource and should be treated as such. Budgeting water use for cleaning, washing of dishes, and bathing is a good step in a green direction as it frees up more water that can be used for later on, and comes with the benefit of knowing that someone somewhere out there is now benefiting from the water you could have used to keep on living. You can do this by either limiting water usage, or recycling laundry water by cleaning up clothing in stages; outdoor wear first, then indoor wear, then rags and floor mats; ensuring that whatever water you do use gets used up to its maximum degree.

Proper waste disposal is also a factor to take into account. You know the drill; biodegradables, non-biodegradables, and if you’ve heard of it, residuals; basically non-biodegradable material that can have small amounts of liquid trapped inside them like water bottles. If you have the luxury of owning a normal home or have some space in the flat, you can dispose of your biodegradables yourself in a compost heap which you can then use to grow fresh produce, if not, then just give it to the handy trash-man in the typical fashion and he’ll gladly take care of the rest. A shift towards greener disposable containers is advisable, although you can be forgiven if you can’t do this as the shift towards green options like this has only just begun in earnest around the early-mid 2010s.

Another factor to consider are the cleaning agents that we use and it can be rather tenuous. Most cleaning agents are very effective at removing dirt and stains from glass, tiles, and most other surfaces, however they’re also often made of solutions that compose of a fair number of harmful chemicals. There are two options available here; either minimize the use of said cleaning agents, or alternatively find more environmentally friendly solutions to get rid of stains and odors. Citrus makes for a decent stain remover provided it is used on the correct surface, and to get rid of strange smells you can use a baking-soda/water mix that neutralizes most foul odors within a short period of time.

On a related note, air quality should be considered to be part of a clean environment as well. Opening windows, even in a congested environment such as a cityscape is worth considering as natural ventilation blows out dirty indoor air and replaces it with cleaner or relatively cleaner outdoor air; this can reduce the reliance on air-freshening sprays, and be more beneficial to the environment.