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Perhaps you’ve seen it in the news, read about it online, or have had the unfortunate chance to see it and its terrible effects firsthand. But you know it, we know it, anyone who’s been alive for the last three decades know what it is; the human impact on the world and environment has been immense; in a little over a hundred years and three odd decades the growth of humanity’s population has grown exponentially and with that rapid growth came the same need to feed, clothe, move, and give jobs to all these people that now share what limited space and resources the world at large has to offer.

In the endless pursuit of getting these resources the environment has suffered; loads of chemicals have leaked into the atmosphere and dealt damage that can take decades, even centuries to recover from, islands of trash dot the ocean forming dangerous tangled messes of refuse that trap and kill animals that dare to get close to it, and many other things we do or fail to do every day also contribute to the pollution and destruction of the environment.

With this in mind keeping our own workspaces clean is no longer enough; they have to be both clean, and green now, sustainable for the future, yet effective enough to deal with the problems and issues that plague the day to day of living and working at home and at work. There are thankfully plenty of ways to do so and they range from the simple to the slightly more complicated, but all of them can help contribute to a more sustainable yet cleaner environment both inside our limited spaces and out.

  • Water Use – How we treat the seemingly limitless precious resource called water is an excellent place to start from. Water is used for almost every cleaning activity from taking baths to cleaning clothes and dishes, to washing up cars and buildings and rinsing off soap and other substances along the way. Reducing and minimizing the use of water is a simple and easy way to save our environment.
  • Waste Disposal – It’s been thoroughly engrained into most of our collective consciousness that we should throw our waste away properly and segregating said waste into different containers. If there’s space, throw organics into a compost heap to fertilize fresh produce you can make, otherwise just give it to the garbage man.
  • Limited Use and Alternatives – Most sprays, disinfectants, and all-purpose cleaners have some or other form of chemical that can be harmful to the environment. Check the labels to see if these chemicals are indeed toxic, and if so choose two different options; either limit future use of these materials, or find organic alternatives for cleaning in the future.
  • Exploit Natural Methods – The environment itself can help clean up after you if you let it. Along with compost heaps converting organic matter into compost, opening up windows even in urban centres allow the environment to vent out bad air from your workspace or home reducing the reliance on air fresheners.

These are some measures to clean green, but perhaps the best way to do it is to ‘live’ green, adopting it, understanding it, and knowing that as a resident of the big wide world we call earth, its part of our job to keep not only our hovels and workplaces clean, but the entirety of our world as well.