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Bathroom Cleaning MelbourneHow to Effectively Clean Bathrooms

The bathroom, will see a lot of use in any facility.  This makes the fight to keep it in neat condition an uphill struggle. Every inch needs to be clean, spotless even, to serve the purpose of making one of the dirtier actions of the human body cleaner.

The best place to start the cleanliness doctrine is on the floor. Keeping it clean is a challenge as bathroom floors are covered in water a good chuck of the time. To keep it clean requires liberal applications of bathroom cleaning solutions, lots of scrubbing, and lots of mopping. The moisture can work in one’s favor as it keeps more annoying articles of dirt and grime soluble and easier to wipe away with just water and a mop.

For the men’s room the urinal is an issue. The floors beneath its place need to be cleaned much more often than the rest of the floor, and since there will be urine and other residue on these tiles, more soap and an occasional dash of disinfectant are more than welcome. As for the urinal itself, it’s similar to the toilets which need constant application of soap or cleaning solution, and the occasional brushing to remove persistent residue.

Toilets as stated are similar beasts that dispose solid waste, which sometimes clinging to the bowl. Soap and brush will be your heroes as they remove this and residue that sometimes cling to the bowl. Microscopic tenants make their home here as well, microbes and bacteria clinging to the walls of the bowl whom are more persistent. Evict them with a little help from one of your two friends; a thick bleach, or an acid, both of which have the oomph required to cling to the surfaces and force out their residents, or simply dissolve them. As for the rest, soap, brush, cleaning solution, and disinfectant have you covered.

Solid waste disposal is a priority here and a full bin is going to discourage anyone from filling it up further. Empty the waste bins regularly and dispose of the content safely; it makes the cubicles seem cleaner, and the environment smell nicer.

Keep a close eye on the toilets, if they start to malfunction either do what you can with the right apparatuses to clear it up, or give in and call for support in the form of plumbers.

Compared to previous places, the sink and shower rooms don’t require as much work, as general purpose cleaner, or dissolving agents will do well to clean them with an application and a quick wipe.

Lastly the mirror needs to be clean. You can use a spray bottle and rag for this, and it’ll usually do the trick most of the time. But if you want it to be really clean, the only way to do that is with specialized material. Non-foaming soap that can remove foreign bodies and stains with as little bubbles produced as possible, a squeegee that simply lets the soap slide away and leaves the rest of the surface high and dry, and I hope there’s still some liquid left in the dissolving agent you used earlier, as this can be used in the mirror to soften up tough stains on a mirror to the point where Mr. Squeegee can wipe him out.