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Green Cleaning

Everyone wants to make their house sparkle. In fact, you’ve probably dreamed of having a house whose glitter would make even the shiniest of diamonds blush (if that’s at all possible). Furthermore, you’ve probably done everything to make this dream come true; between the spraying and the mopping of windows and floors, entire sticks of plastic have probably been broken in an effort to keep your home clean. What’s preventing all of this from happening, then? It might have something to do with the methods you’re employing. With this in mind, let’s talk about green cleaning.

Green Cleaning in Principle

Greens cleaning your home in the safest and most environment-friendly manner. It means taking the necessary steps to ensure that you and the 7 billion neighbours that you have in our gigantic planet can continue to breathe fresh air and enjoy the perfect temperatures of every season. It also means doing away with conventional methods which might potentially harm you and everyone you care about and love. Basically, it’s all about resourcefulness!

How do we “Green Clean?”

There are several steps that you can take in order to make sure that everything is clean around the house and still be environment-friendly:
1. Avoid Chlorine and Ammonia
Chlorine and ammonia are two chemicals that are found in many conventional cleaning products. Their potency supposedly allows you to remove that cake of dirt on your toilet and those pesky dirt on tiles, but at what cost? Studies have shown that long-term exposure to these substances can damage your lungs and even cause death. They’re also highly flammable chemicals that could potentially burn everything you’ve ever invested in and more, so you should seriously avoid these.
2. Go for Green Products
Green cleaning often requires equally green alternatives. Begin by employing disposable waste bags and using other recyclables. Research about the various kinds of cleaning products that contain no ammonia, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. You can even experiment and make your own cleaning products from all the things that are safe and available in your house! Not only will you be able to ensure safety in this manner, you also get to save money.
3. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar More Often
Yes, some cooking materials and natural substances are also highly effective cleaning tools. Both are highly effective in that they don’t just dislodge dirt, but also dissolve them. They also have other kinds of uses, with the former being able to act as a deodorizer and the latter being good for food preservation and of course, making your food taste much better. Best of all, both are completely natural and don’t affect you in the long-term, so go ahead and try them!
4. Use Healthier Air Fresheners
At this point, it’s time to ditch the aerosol spray and go for healthier and more pleasant alternatives. Bring nature to your home with actual herbs and spices. Why go for the lime-flavoured aerosol when you can bring actual lime into your home and just smell the goodness? Try to experiment with the many fresheners nature herself can bring into your home. Combine apples and oranges to create an aroma that is not only harmless, but truly pleasing to the nose.