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Being the busy place that they always are, offices and dirt tend to be together in nearly every situation. It’s impossible to think of the office without thinking about the stench and smog brought in every time a door opens, or the piles of papers being tossed around or thrown away. It’s also no secret that these things can become really harmful in the long run; those piles of papers can easily affect individual performance as taking out the trash becomes a part of employee life, and smog can of course strip us of clean air. The problem is exacerbated due to the fact that commercial buildings tend to be really, really tall, with some reaching even higher than 10 floors. Cleaning it, therefore, requires certain approaches which must be taken seriously, and often involves two parties: the company itself and the cleaning service crew. What roles do these parties play in office cleaning, then?

The Company

The company often decides everything firsthand, from the architectural design of each building to the placement of every trash bin and office table. One may think this an easy concept: all you have to do is just place things where they belong, but then the next problem appears: where should they belong? Should each office table have a trash bin close by? Where should the toilet be? How far should offices be from the toilet bowl? For kitchen rooms, where should you place them? Positioning is highly important in the cleaning process, because it’s what determines how intensive maintenance will be in  the coming years, and therefore how much you’ll have to spend on cleaning, and let’s not even start about the toll dirt can take on the professional nature of the office.

Another thing companies have to worry about is, unironically, the cleaning service. Which cleaning service is the best and most affordable? What sorts of services should be employed and how intensive will the maintenance be? From these questions, you can conclude without a doubt that all offices need cleaning services to stay in top form while making sure that employees can focus on just their jobs.

The Crew

The unsung heroes of the office, the service crew, doubtless play a huge part in keeping the office clean and safe for many employees. They’re the reason why toilets continue to smell good despite the fact that tens of people use it in a single day. They’re also the reason why your windows continue to be shiny, both inside and out. They’re also the reason why your office table sparkles every time you return to your position after having a good night’s sleep. They basically maintain the atmosphere that you’re working in and ensure that you stay on your tracks at work. The role that they play in your company, despite being outsourced most of the time, is unequivocally invaluable and complex.

These are but some of the secrets as to why offices continue to stay clean. There is an entire interplay between two parties which are concerned with the strategic placement of objects, the costs of cleaning and maintenance and the overall work of the crew themselves.

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