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Occupying any form of real-estate can and will dirty the place up. Cleaning one’s lodging is part of the process of occupation and regular maintenance and is often part of the contract you enter with the leaser that you keep the place in good shape.

Thankfully there are ways and means to work around these conditions and options available to tackle it are as diverse as they are effective. The objective here is to give a few ideas on how to deal with the usual instances of having to clean your lodging while you still lease and occupy them. There are a few things to consider so let’s get those out of the way first.


  • Soap – generally speaking mixing soap and water creates a solution that can clean most surfaces and its uses for cleaning are ubiquitous
  • Cloth or Rags – surfaces that can absorb water and cleaning agents, as well as other materials when moderately soaked with water will come in handy; have a few of these around as having two will be necessary in most cleaning exercises
  • Brooms – for clearing out floors
  • Vacuum Cleaner – smaller more mobile ones are preferred as larger traditional vacuum cleaners are clunky and expensive
  • General purpose cleaner – these tend to be used for dealing with tougher stains, or for special surfaces that require a softer touch
  • Dissolving agent – for removing tougher stains, may overlap with Gen. cleaner
  • Disinfectant – for sensitive surfaces; can be special solutions or bathroom bleach
  • Scrubs – abrasive surface to remove tougher stains

As for cleaning surfaces, a process has to be followed

  1. Floors – Use brooms or the vacuum cleaner to clear out the surface. Use soap to rinse surface clean; if surface is sensitive to soap such as lacquered or shellacked wood floor, use general purpose cleaner. Buff with either buffer or mop.
  2. Shelves and other spaces – Vacuum or use moist rag to clear surface of dust, then wipe clear with dry cloth
  3. Kitchen sink, shower, and other water-exposed surfaces – Apply dissolving agent or general purpose cleaner, let these sit for 2-5 minutes, then wipe off with clear cloth
  4. Toilet – Soak scrub with soap and brush bowl, rinse then apply disinfectant for 3-5 minutes while scrubbing the rest of the apparatus; rinse off outer surface with water while flushing away disinfectant

Follow this simple guide to clean up most of the rented space. Set a schedule between two times a week, to once every two weeks to keep environment in relatively good shape. If you have no time, consider hiring out a cleaner to come by on a set schedule. Cost may vary, but these will free up your time. And these are some of the ways that your rented living space can be kept in shape.