Rental Cleaning Box Hill North

Why Choose Us For Rental Cleaning in Box Hill North Victoria

At Peters Cleaning, we make use of strong vacuum motors which are capable of pulling out the most stubborn dust and dirt particles in the carpets. The Steam cleaning machines we use are designed as per the Australian standards, especially the weather aspect. A whole lot of Melbourne residents live in multi storied buildings, and because of this we make use of portable yet powerful cleaning machines for the carpeting; so that we may provide you instant service no matter your location. Our end of rental cleaning has a 48-hours warranty, which means that in the event of any problems during the stock inspection, we will visit you again for a re-clean. We’ll go back and correct any cleaning issue after service to satisfy them with no charges. All of us know end of leasing can be a hassle so why not call in the experts?

Friendly customer support services to clean all your inquiries, at any time of the day. To lighten your load, Peters Cleaning can handle all your end of lease cleaning needs. We have developed innovative cleaning methods to give our clients excellent cleaning solutions at the best price. All our cleaners are experienced, fully trained and hard working. They gained a huge experience from cleaning countless properties of our valued customers.

Rental Cleaning

We know the demands of real estate agents.

The cost of professional move out cleaning will be a lot less than your deposit.

Move Out Cleaning can work with you to get recently vacated spaces up to spec quickly and efficiently, letting you fill vacant space fast!

The cleaning technicians from Peters Cleaning will come back and wash out the problem items again at no cost so the landlord is satisfied.


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