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Renting a flat for a while and living in large urban centres with every amenity of the modern world within walking distance or closer is a common part of everyday life for most of the adult population of the world today. It is convenient and often practical, if a little pricy at times. The thing is with rentals is that these are by nature temporary, and once the contract expires or other parts of the agreement have been breached, the usual response to that is to make the occupant vacate the premises.

There are many ways to clean up when you’re vacating a flat but for the sake of efficiency and ease it should probably be performed in stages. First of all should be an initial cleaning of the whole place. This will involve lots of sweeping, maybe some mopping, and a fair bit of rigor and elbow grease when cleaning the hard to reach places of your temporary hovel. It can be as thorough as it needs to be but if some spots can’t be reached, it’s okay; once the books, apparel, and some of the furniture are gone, those can be addressed.

Speaking of, nonessential material should be moved out first; this means the books on the shelves, any pieces of art or memorabilia being hung on the walls, and any other loose contraband that does not have any immediate purpose for staying in your flat for much longer. Once those are gone, either clean up the shelves they once occupied immediately with a damp rug to clean out the dust, and baking soda to remove any strange smells, or leave that up to later during general cleaning.

Next to go will be clothing and valuables; important material you can live without for a while. This will mean emptying and subsequently cleaning out closets and cupboards as well as securing fragile objects like fine china. For closets, damp rags and baking soda will usually suffice. For cupboards and other places occupied by dishes and cutlery, one may wish to apply some soapy cleaning agents after the damp rags.

Next up should be food and perishables. It’s usually a good idea to store as little of these as possible during the moving phase and when emptying out the fridge a good idea to have a secondary storage space such as an ice box. Cleaning a refrigerator should be simple enough, apply foamy cleaning agents, clean it out with damp rags, and a liberal application of a purgative to get rid of any foul odors that may have built up in the containment unit during your stay.

Essentials should be taken care of in a similar fashion to valuables at this point, but at the last stages of the cleaning process any and all furniture that you own should be shunted out and cleaned to some degree as well. Most flats are furnished on their own and in such cases they as well as the spaces they occupy should be cleaned out. A vacuum cleaner and some light dusting should be enough, and a few extra hands would not be unwelcome.

In such cases there are plenty of End-of-Lease cleaning services available to offer their services. Some of them can be quite pricey, but they’re a life-saver for any folk without the time or endurance to perform this task on their own.

Cleaning up before moving out is part of the cycle when it comes to living in temporary housing. It’s a mix of tradition, gratitude, and common sense to clean up as you leave. There are plenty of ways to clean up and a dozen processes one can perform in doing so. But it is hoped that this short piece has given you a few ideas you can work with the next time your contract expires and you have to move.