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Vacate Cleaning

It’s time. You have to move out of the house, or the apartment that you rented, or the one that you’re about to sell. But your place is filthy! Who would want to buy it? Not that many people. With our company’s vacancy cleaning service, however, we can have everything in your residence shiny and spotless before the real estate agents ever arrive. Cleaning up a soon-to-be-vacant house is one of our company’s specialties, and cleaning is a life mission for our company. Our vacancy cleaning service includes a number of packages and services. Let’s take a look at them!

Our first and most basic vacate cleaning service is the Spotless House. It is our company guarantee that the residence in question will be cleaned up completely; it will be swept, vacuumed, and scrubbed down on every available surface. When our crew is done with the place, dust will seem non-existent, and it will be so clean, that you may almost want to move back in. It is our most affordable service, and a bestseller among our valued customers, standing at around $80 for basic suburban residences, but the price is negotiable depending on the total area our team is requested to clean.

Bond Back Cleaning MelbouneOur next vacancy cleaning service is the Shiny House. This is the package we provide that is most popular among customers who want to drastically raise the resale value of their residence. On top of all the services provided by the Spotless House package, our crew will also employ several tools to restore any minor structural scuffs, and to leave as many surfaces as possible so shiny that it could give anyone looking into it their own reflection. It is not just a service to make your house pretty, though. It is also our team providing special detailing around the house to protect it from corrosion, scuffs, and other messes to prevent it from happening again. This service stands at $130, and is also negotiable depending on the area to clean. Our third and final service is the Palace Suite. This is our most comprehensive cleaning service, and it is our company promise that it will make real estate agents and buyers fight to buy your house. We will provide all of the services from the other service packages, and we will even have our crew do some interior decorating. We’ll drop some plants in aesthetic locations, and buff out all the imperfections in and out of the house, from structure to furniture. This service stands at $180, and is also negotiable depending on the area to clean. All of these company services are dedicated to the cleanliness of your soon-to-be vacant residence, and we believe that cleanliness is one of the best ways to help you wrap up your moving nicely. We have a dedicated crew of experienced cleaners, and a suite of powerful cleaning tools and products that will always get the job done right the first time. Book a package with us today!

Regular Cleaning

Our company is dedicated to sanitation. It is a mission to us, and it is almost religious. Our lives are dedicated to the pursuit of cleaning up any space our clients need us to. That makes our cleaning company one of the best in the business, and we are ever ready to serve your sanitary needs for any space. Whether it is an office, a home, or a shop, our crew stands ready with their tools to purify the area of any filth that may be bothering you. We offer to do this with a number of packages, services that we render at varying levels for varied spaces to clean. Let’s check them out!

Our first service package is rendered to residential units, like suburban homes, apartments, and condominiums. We will perform a top to bottom cleaning service of the entire residence, and we will eliminate any dust, grime, and stain we can find. Our dedicated crew will come in, armed with any tool they need to dispose of the various filth that may be bothering you, and they also have powerful tools to get the job done, like a pressure rinsing hose. This service starts at $80, and can be negotiated depending on the area of the residence to clean, and whether the team will need to use their more powerful tools and products to clean certain messes. Our second package is rendered to shops and restaurants. Our company understands that messes tend to happen in such establishments, and that personally cleaning it may take too much time off of the business clock. Hence, our company seeks to provide that service for your shop with a top to bottom cleaning service of any and every room in the shop. If you need someone to clean and organise your storage room, or clean the gunk out of the crevices in your kitchen, our company is the way to go for top-notch, and affordable cleaning services. This service starts at $100, and is negotiable depending on the area of the shop to clean, and whether our cleaning team will need to use more powerful tools and products to remove the mess. Our last service package is rendered to offices, and corporate buildings. An efficient corporation is one that can keep its workplace clean, and we seek to help your company in that endeavour. Our skilled cleaning crew will do a top to bottom cleaning of all the rooms in your office building, and leave not a single mess behind. If you need someone to clean out the coffee stains in the office pantry, or sort out the bathroom messes, our company crew is the one to call. The service starts at $120, and is negotiable depending on the area of office to clean, and whether the team will have to use more powerful tools and products to eliminate the filth. Our company is dedicated to the mission of sanitising any place they are requested to clean. Book a package today!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are excellent additions to any building, be it the office, the shop, or the home. However, carpets are not only expensive to get, they tend to be rather difficult to keep clean or maintain. That is where our company comes in. We are expert carpet cleaners, and we can clean any carpet, from simple house rugs to massive carpet flooring. We make sure that they are good as new, as fresh and unstained as the day you bought it from the shop, that is our company guarantee. We have service packages that you may review below for the sake of your carpet’s sanitation. Let’s see how we can keep your carpet clean!

Our first and most basic package applies to most home rugs and living room carpets. The service is affordable, sitting at $30 for a suite of sanitation treatment guaranteed for your living room carpet, and your home’s welcome mat. We always start with the standard practice of hanging out the carpet and beating the dust out of it manually, but that is only to help the next step of the cleaning process. As trained professionals in the carpet cleaning industry, our dedicated crew uses the hot water extraction method of remove filth from your carpets and cleans out all of its fibres. This process involves spraying the carpet with heated water, often with cleaning chemicals to facilitate dirt removal. When our crew is done with the hot water extraction, we will hang it out to dry completely, and when that is done, your carpet will be as good as new. Our second service package applies to larger carpets for certain events or shops, such as elongated red carpets, or the larger doormats for malls and hotels. This is a service sits at $60 meant to address some of the larger types of carpet in use, and involves vacuuming as well as the hot water extraction process mentioned above. A thorough vacuuming can be done in the event that the carpet has to be used immediately, so we can make sure that it is presentable in as short a time as possible. However, the hot water extraction process can take a little time, and although it does, we guarantee that it provides the best, cleanest results for any carpet that comes under our care. Our final service package is for carpet flooring. While particularly difficult if the carpet flooring cannot be dislodged for cleaning outside of the premises, our company has other ways to get that flooring clean. We will employ the vacuum wash, which sprays water without detergent onto the carpet, but then removes it almost immediately with suction, including any dirt the water may have swept away. This service sits at a minimum of $90, and is well recommended by many hotels and offices that employ our services. It is our company guarantee that your carpet will be fresh and spotless when our crew is done with it. Book our services today!

Home Cleaning

Housekeeping can sound like such a chore to many of us. In today’s world, it can be difficult indeed to find the time to clean the house comprehensively. That is where our company comes in. We render our cleaning services particularly to houses and residences, to suburban, urban, and rural areas. Our cleaning is top-notch, and famed across the country for its quality and diligence. We have a strictly vetted, experienced crew whose mission in life is to clean your home. We also have several service packages you can review and choose for you sanitation needs. Let’s see which one you might like today!

Our first service package is our most basic, and bestselling service. It is the Suburbia package. As the name suggests, it is a service package that specialises in handling the sanitation needs of suburban households. Sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and wall restoration are all services included in this package, as well as a deluxe version that includes the use of powerful pressure rinsing hoses that are sure to scrub the filth away! Our diligent crew of cleaners won’t stop until your suburban home is spotless, and you would never dream of being ashamed to show guests your house. We serve hundreds of customers, and clean the same number of suburban houses every day for the minimum cost of $100. When our crew is done, we assure you that you can always rely on the same spotless results for your suburban home every time you contact us.

Our second package is the Rural package, which caters to customers who are far out in the countryside. It covers all of the services mentioned in the Suburbia package, but also includes a number of other cleaning services for rural places, like dealing with sanitation on ranches, farms, and other rural residencies. We promise to get your rural home spotless and shiny, courtesy of our experienced and diligent crew. For a little more, we will also employ high power pressure rinsing hoses to really wash out the grime. This service sits at $130, for the excellent services of our crew. Our final package is the Urban package, which covers urban residences like condominiums and apartments. Again, we use all of the same services for the Suburbia package, with the same additional fees for high power cleaning equipment. This service easily sells almost as much as the Suburbia package, for the cost of $120. We guarantee your apartment will be spotless when our crew is done, and you can always get a refund should our crew fail to completely clean everything. This is applicable to all of our service packages, and we encourage our customers to take only the best from our crew. All of our packages can be set and bought either in person at the company, or they can be set for online appointments. Either way, our crew is operating seven days a week, and they will be there to clean for you right on the appointed time. Book a package today!

Bond Back Cleaning

You may be leaving your leased unit or house. You may be forced to move out for any number or kind of reason. However, no matter what the case is, you are required by law to clean the property that you leased to a certain extent, or you will not get your deposit bond money back. Fortunately for you, our company specialises in that type of cleaning. Our crew’s hands are not only diligent in removing any filth that could legally endanger your bond, they are also careful with your belongings, and can move them to assist in cleaning with the precision of a surgeon. Speaking of precision, our team of cleaners are all experienced, and they won’t miss a single spot on your residence. We offer two service packages for you to avail, depending on what you want to present to either real estate agents, or to the people who will return your bond. Let’s check them out!

Our first service package is meant for getting your bond back. Our experienced crew of cleaners will render this thorough top to bottom cleaning service to your residence. It is our company promise that should you not get your bond back in full due to a cleaning-related issue, we will happily refund your original costs for the service, and clean it again for free, and more thoroughly this time. We employ several high-power tools to assist us in our mission of helping you clean your house and get your bond back. These tools include a high pressure rinsing hose, and a hot water extraction carpet cleaner just for your residence’s carpet. Our crew is more than diligent, and we promise not to leave a single spot during and after our crew cleans your residence. The toughest inspector could come to your residence, and they would not be able to say a word about any filth in your house, for there won’t be any when we’re done. This service costs $80, and carries our company guarantee of a refund should the bond not be returned to our client in full.

Our other service package is meant to impress more than just the people who will return our client’s bond. It is meant to amaze real estate agents, and will wow them in to buying and selling your property at a much higher resale price. In this service package is every service we render in the first one, but with interest. We also apply special coating to help make the residence’s walls and furniture shine. Not only will there be no dust or dirt to speak of, we promise that after our crew finishes with this cleaning suite, your residence will shine like a jewel, and will have just as much resale value. This service costs $140, and also carries our company’s refund policy should it fail to deliver. Our diligent and experienced cleaning crew cannot wait to serve your cleaning needs and help you get your bond back. Our mission in life is your residence’s sanitation. Book a package now, and get a discount!

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